NICE-Xtracts CBD Health & health efficiently eXtracting since 2018

NICE-Xtracts CBD Health & health efficiently eXtracting since 2018

From our lab to your residence. We ship straight from where your product or service is developed. Realise why that counts for the wellness!

We have been straight straight Back

Spring will be here Indiana

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The NICE household is proud to provide whom our company is in e-commerce!

Hemp Oil Products (CBD)

THe NICe Family

The Founders of NICE come with a mom that is loving rn of 15 years, and Mr. SWEET guy that is an activist involved with organizations including, Farmers Union Hemp Chapter, NORML, NIH, as well as the NHA. Together we now have 4 amazing k >

Our Dogs are CBD believers also! Gemma is our 125lbs Rottie by having a hip that is bad. She walks with a 75% improvement, and you can see in her eyes that she is happy when she has her CBD treats! Then, there is certainly Harlequin. Oh my! This woman is A german shepherd/rottweiler/husky mix. Yup! You read precisely. From separation anxiety, to storm anxiety and each other anxiety in between! (more…)

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