Should spermicides be applied with condoms?We tell you

Should spermicides be applied with condoms?We tell you

The active component in most of this over-the-counter (OTC) genital contraceptive medication items (spermicides) for sale in the U.S. is nonoxynol 9 (N-9). N-9 genital contraceptive medication services and products are utilized alone to stop maternity, or with barrier practices such as for example diaphragms or cervical caps. A spermicidal is included by some condoms lubricant containing N-9.

Clinical research indicates that N-9 spermicides try not to avoid or reduce steadily the threat of getting HIV, the herpes virus which causes AIDS, from a partner that is infected or against getting other STDs. Therefore, N-9 spermicides should perhaps maybe perhaps not be utilized for HIV/STD prevention or security. Clinical studies show that usage of N-9 spermicides may cause vaginal and rectal discomfort that could boost the danger of getting find ukrainian brides HIV/AIDS from a partner that is infected.

Food And Drug Administration nevertheless considers N-9 safe as a contraceptive for females at low danger for HIV as well as other STDs. But, Food And Drug Administration now calls for warning statements as well as other labeling information for many within the countertop (OTC) genital drug that is contraceptive (also referred to as spermicides) containing nonoxynol 9 (N9). These warning statements advise people who genital contraceptives/spermicides containing N9 usually do not drive back infection through the immunodeficiency that is human (HIV), the herpes virus which causes obtained immunodeficiency problem (AIDS), or against getting other sexually transmitted conditions (STDs). The warnings and labeling information also advise consumers that use of genital contraceptives and spermicides containing N9 can irritate the vagina and anus that will increase the danger of having the AIDS virus (HIV) from a partner that is infected.

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